Historical Miamisburg - the Star City
Historical Miamisburg - the Star City

Our Rich History

The first settlers in this area were a mysterious race called the Adena. They built a series of earthworks between three and ten feet high and fifty feet wide at the base, which enclosed their village, the site which now comprises downtown Miamisburg.


Centuries later, the valley between the Great and Little Miami Rivers was the hunting grounds for the Miami Indians, a tribe of the Miami Confederation.  Their villages were located on the west side of the river, a short distance north of town.


When the Greenville Treaty was signed in 1795, essentially ending the Indian resistance in the Northwest Territory, settlers began arriving in the lush Miami Valley.  Zachariah Hole came with his family from Virginia in 1797.  Fearing trouble with the Indians, he built a stockade on the east bank of the Miami River opposite the mouth of Bear Creek.  Following Hole's family were other settlers who lived within the stockade until their own cabins could be built on property given them by land grants from the federal government.


On February 20, 1818, Drs. John and Peter Treon, Emanuel Gebhart and Jacob Kercher, offered for sale ninety lots on the East bank of the river.  Thus Miamisburg came into existence, the only city by that name in the world.


In the ensuing years Miamisburg grew and prospered.  Transportation was a key to development with good access provided by the river, the Miami-Erie Canal, the railroads and, later, the highways.


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